Chord Progressions Vol.1

Apr 2024

Hey everyone!

I have uploaded an in-depth tutorial video talking about chord progressions, doing a quick review of the harmonies of some bands that you probably know like Steve Lacy, Mild High Club or Men I Trust. I'm going to talk about some of my favorite chord progressions, which I also usually use in my own songs, and you'll probably find interesting too.

Exclusive for patrons, there is an extended version of the video with some extra chord progressions, which you can find in this post by supporting my work! <3

You can also download the chord progressions as MIDI files to use them on your songs in my patreon.

I hope my English is good enough, but remember that if you need subtitles, they are on the youtube video :-)

See you around!

David Alonso patreonthanks for reading!

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