Melody's Echo Chamber - I Follow You

Aug 2023

I've always been a big fan of Tame Impala, and because of their connection to Melody's Echo Chamber, it didn't take long for me to discover this other band. Melody's Echo Chamber is the main project of French musician Melody Prochet.

His previous project My Bee's Garden supported Tame Impala on their European tour in 2010, and after that Prochet collaborated with Kevin Parker to produce his new solo material as Melody's Echo Chamber, recorded in Parker's makeshift studio in Perth, Australia. and at Prochet's grandmother's seaside home in the south of France.

The self-titled debut album was released under Fat Possum Records in 2012, patenting the neopsychedelic and dream pop influence of Kevin Parker, who was also her partner at the time. (By the way, don't miss my other Tame Impala remake!)

I wanted to deconstruct the song “I Follow You” from that first album so representative of their sound. Enjoy my remake below!


The chords of the song are as follows. Keep in mind that in the first verse of the song, the guitar does a series of arpeggios without the presence of the bass doing the tonics. This can be confusing, but if we analyze these arpeggios from the bass notes when the bass appears later in the second verse (minute 01:26), we arrive at the following chord sequence:

chords melodys echo camber i follow you

On the other hand, the chorus chords are quite easy to play, try them!


The song begins with a beautiful arpeggio of 3 notes for each chord. I managed to get a similar sound using 3 guitar tracks.

Guitar 1 uses Guitar Rig 5 with the following preset that I usually use.

melody's echo chamber guitar

Later, I used the Vulf Compressor from Goodhertz to compress the signal, and later the Doubler4 and S1 Imager from Waves to double the signal in stereo and make it more enveloping.

melody's echo chambercompressor
melody's echo chamber compressor

Listen below to guitar 1 without effects, and then add each of those mentioned to see the difference.

Guitar 1 without effects

Guitar 1 with Guitar Rig 5

Guitar 1 with Guitar Rig 5, VulfCompressor, Doubler and Imager

Guitar 2 uses the same preset and compressor as Guitar Rig 5, but this time I use the ReelADT effect from Waves to give it movement. Listen below to the audio without effect and with effect.

melody's echo chamber reel adt

Guitar 2 without ReelADT

Guitar 2 with ReelADT

Finally, guitar 3 uses a different amp simulator this time: the Cory Wong Archetype with the following preset. To this guitar I have applied the Doubler4 and the ReelADT mentioned above. Listen here:

melody's echo chamber guitar 2

Guitar 3

Finally, the three guitar tracks together sound like this, getting a thicker sound:

All Guitars


In the chorus I have recorded 2 different guitar tracks, each of them fully panned to each side of the stereo to get that width.

For the first one I have used the CLA Guitar by Waves with the following preset, with that warm and distorted sound. Listen to it here:

melody's echo chamber waves

Chorus Guitar 1

For the second guitar, I've used the Archetype Cory Wong again with the following preset, with a heavy mid freqs sound and a send to the ValhallaReverb, listen here.

melody's echo chamber guitar chorus

Chorus Guitar 2

And here you have the two guitars playing at the same time:

Both Chorus Guitars


At the end of the song there is a guitar solo with a ripping guitar sound that I love. I've managed to recreate it with the following Guitar Rig 5 preset and with Doubler4, listen to it solo here.

melody's echo chamber guitar solo

Solo Guitar Sound


I have line recorded the bass with the Höfner Viola Bass, the same one Kevin Parker uses, and I have put the Waves Maserati B72 and the Waves CLA-3A compressor on it. This is how it sounds:

melody's echo chamber guitar

Bass Sound


For the drums I have used Addictive Drums 2, as I usually do when I recreate songs with guitars and with a less electronic style.

melody's echo chamber drums

After trying numerous presets, I have come to the following kit, and I have changed the snare for one with a more suitable sound. Slightly adjusting the volumes of the kit already achieves a similar sound. I have passed the whole kit through the Goodhertz VulfCompressor to give it power, listen to the result!

Drums sound


For the voice I use the same effects chain as my previous articles. To those effects I have added the CLA Vocals of Waves, and finally it has a couple of sends to the H-Delay of Waves and the ValhallaReverb to give it that ethereal atmosphere of Melody's voices.

melody's echo chamber delay
melody's echo chamber reverb

I have recorded 3 tracks of voices, one of them being an octave higher to give it that more feminine touch and resemble Melody's voice. Listen to the bass ones, and how the 3 sound at the same time with all the mentioned effects.

Vocals sound

Vocals with octave


This time, in this song we only have a single synthesizer, which appears in the second and third verse. It is a string sound that I have recreated with the Arturia CS-80 and it adds some treble in that part. Listen to it alone and together, do you appreciate it?

melody's echo chamber synth

Synth sound

All together

That has been all! I hope it has been useful to you.

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Don't forget to watch the remake on youtube! See you in the next one!

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